Cartridge Filter Housings

In the world of industrial filtration, cartridge filter housing plays a vital role in ensuring the purity and quality of liquids, gases, and air. Engineered in a cylindrical design, these self cleaning filter housings contain replaceable filter elements known as cartridges. Designed for both high performance and robust atmospheric resistance, industrial-grade cartridge filter housings deliver exceptional filtration capabilities.

What is Cartridge Filter Housing?
Cartridge filter housings are integral components in various filtration processes, including pre-filtration, final filtration, and polished filtration across diverse industries. These stainless steel filter housings work by evenly distributing unfiltered water around the cartridges, allowing water to flow from the outside to the inside. Suspended solids are trapped on the outer surface of the cartridges, facilitating easy removal, while the filtered water exits through an outlet pipe.

Our cartridge filter housings accommodate a broad range of cartridge styles and sizes, offering versatile flow and contaminant retention capabilities. They can hold up to 205 cartridges, making them suitable for both single-core and multi-core configurations, tailored to meet specific user requirements and drawings.

stainless steel Cartridge Filter Housings

Advantages of Cartridge Filter Housing
Cartridge filter housings offer numerous benefits over other industrial water filters, making them a preferred choice for businesses aiming for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Key advantages include:
Simple and lightweight design.





Low Maintenance

High Filtration Speed

Long-Term Use

Applications of Cartridge Filter Housing

YUBO Filter factory provides a diverse array of cartridge filter housings tailored for various industrial and food applications. Our stainless steel cartridge filter housings are particularly economical for price-sensitive industrial applications, delivering reliable performance. These housings are the optimal choice for more demanding industrial environments due to their robustness and efficiency.

In the food and beverage industry, stainless steel filter cartridge housings are indispensable for ensuring product purity and safety. Additionally, YUBO manufactures housings suitable for air, click here steam, and gas filtration applications, broadening the scope of our offerings to meet diverse industrial needs.

Why Choose YUBO?

At YUBO, we pride ourselves on being a premier source for technologically advanced cartridge filter housings. Our extensive range of products is designed to meet the highest quality and performance standards, ensuring your filtration processes are efficient and reliable.

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